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Rotation of the machine should always be as per the arrow mark shown.
Before starting every day, pour 100 ml. lubricating oil in both the Bearings.
Use the Hammers of equal weights opposite each other to avoid any vibration.
A window is provided on the upper part of the Screen from where the Hammers are to be changed.
Every Nuts & Bolts, pins of the Hammers of the machine to be minutely checked before starting the machine.
Different types of Screens can be used for different mesh.
Light greasing of Bearings to be done once in a month.
In Pulvigator with Dust Pollution Control system Pipe Lines and Cloth Tubes to be cleaned by light hammering.
Blower Fan Blades to be checked once in a week and change if worn out.
Cloth Tubes fitted in the Cyclonic Cone should be washed and dried once in a month.
Play of Bearings to be checked after six months and to be adjusted by the check-nuts provided on the main Shaft.