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Raw material poured into the Hopper automatically fed into the Grinding Chamber by Roll Feeder fitted below the Hopper. The impact of Hammers on the feed material against the Liner Plates and also the inter-collision of particles reduce the material into fine powder.

The Blower pushes air to the Grinding Chamber from both the sides through air delivery pipes and blows the powder to the Double Conical Air Classifier where the material first goes through outer Classifier Cone and then enters into the inner cone through twelve fineness regulating doors where due to the cyclonic gravitation process coarser particles rejected for regrinding and finer particles blows through the opening in the centre of the Classifier for collection in Delivery Cone.

Twelve fineness regulating doors are inter connected with a circular ring and handle to open or close as per the requirement of the mesh. As the doors open wider the product will be coarser and as the doors open narrow the product will be finer.

Excess air and fine air blown particles from Delivery Cone travels through pipe line to the Cyclonic Dust Collector Cone where super fine particles are trapped by the filter cloth bags and air is vented out partially. Return air goes to the grinding chamber again through the pipe to complete the air circuit without emitting the dust to the surroundings.
Roll Feed Type
Ratchet Controlled
Powered by Reduction Gear Box
Propelled by Main Shaft of the Machine
Pulverising Mill Pulverising Mill
Cross Sectional view of Classifier Air flow & particles movement view