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 Production Chart of Standard Pulverising Mill (P-30 Mill) with Double Conical Air Classifier for Dry Materials at  100- 200 Mesh (Approx.)
MATERIAL Output per
8 hr. Shift
Power Required for Mill Power Required for Blower Feed Size
Soap Stone, Lime Stone, Talc, Hydrated Lime 7 – 9 M.T. 60 H.P. 25 H.P. 1/2" & down
Wollastonite, Calcite, Marble, Slate, Gypsum 6 – 8 M.T. 60 H.P. 25 H.P. 1/2" & down
Red Oxide, Dolomite 5 – 7 M.T. 60 H.P. 25 H.P. 1/2" & down
Illustrations are to give a general idea of the machine. All dimensions & specifications are subject to change and alteration.

The figures mentioned under production are for guidance only and may vary from case to case depending on many a factor like Hardness, Moisture Content, Silica & impurity content, Operative Fineness, Typical characteristic of the Feed Material, etc. For specific case, our offer document shall be referred.

Production follows the rule “Coarser the Mesh Higher the Output, Finer the Mesh Lesser the Output” and “Softer the Material Higher the Output, Harder the Material Lesser the Output”