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SUNBEAM PULVERISING MILL is a complete grinding unit of heavy duty and continuous working without any awkward effect. The grinding unit is specially designed for fine grinding of minerals, ochres, Talc, Wollastonite, calcite, Marble, Hydrated Lime, Lime Stone, Red Oxide, Soap Stone, Dolomite, etc. In fine mesh

SUNBEAM PULVERISING MILL meet all capacity requirements with facility to adjust the fineness of various mesh.

SUNBEAM PULVERISING MILL is fitted with a Double Conical Air Classifier mounted on the main Grinding Chamber to control the fineness of the product.

A powerful separate Empeller type Blower unit is fitted to blow air into the grinding chamber to push the powder into the Air Classifier for classification of fine powder and rejection of coarser particles for regrinding.
Pulverising Mill
A Roll Feeder type Auto-feeding arrangement with a big Hopper (Bin) is fitted on the grinding chamber for continuous feeding of material into the machine by auto-propelled system.
Unbreakable M.S. Fabricated Body
Trouble Free Dust Proof Bearings
No Heavy Foundation Required
Built In Chassis For Motor
Easy Starting
Pollution Free Operation
Automatic feeding Arrangement
Accurate Meash Control
Guaranteed Efficiency
Type Swing Hammer Impact Mill with Double Conical Air Classifier fitted on the top of the Mill and separate Blower unit.
Body M.S. Plate Fabricated supported with strong angle Iron frame in two parts, bolted together for easy opening. Mounted on Chassis made of M.S. Channels of ample dimension.
Feeder Automatic Roller Feeding Arrangement with Hopper mechanically operated with feed controlling arrangement.
Grinding Chamber Broad, protected with 1" thick changeable Cast Iron Liner Plates. Manganese Steel Liner can also be supplied on special demand.
Rotar Disc Two sets made of thick M.S. Plates, dynamically balanced having holes for holding Hammers by Pins, mounted on Main Shaft.
Shaft Made of Solid Steel of ample dimension suitable for holding Rotar Disc.
Hammers Mild steel, Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel or Hard coating type Hammers can be supplied according to requirement.
Bearings Heavy duty imported Ball Bearings encased in dust proof bearing blocks protected with oil seals, run in oil bath.
Classifier Double Conical air Classifier fitted on the top of the Grinding Chamber with Fineness Control Lever.
Blower Heavy duty Empeller type Blower unit on two Bearings mounted on thick & strong Base Plate operated by separate motor. Inner body of Blower protected with changeable M.S. Liners.
Delivery Cone Made of M.S. Sheet connected with Main Body by Flanged pipe with air control throttle.
Cyclonic Dust Collector Made of M.S. Sheets having 9 openings for fitting filter cloth bags for collecting fine air blown particles to prevent pollution.
Pipe Lines Made of M.S. Sheets flanged and bolted in pieces for easy operation having inspection windows for cleaning jams.